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What tobacco is used in light cigarettes?

With regard to cigarettes, the term "light" can be used in a strict sense - they are lighter, because weigh less. The use of freeze-dried tobacco, together with the use of tobacco resuspended helped reduce the number of required on cigarette leaf tobacco on average, almost half (from 1230 mg to 785 mg).

Modern cigarettes are significantly different from those that smoked half a century ago. Once there scientific evidence that showed that tar tobacco smoke can cause the development of cancer, tobacco companies began to develop cigarettes that would show lower levels of tar when tested in a smoking machine. Since nicotine is critically important for the maintenance of smoking, methods were developed to maintain nicotine levels, despite lower levels of tar. Use of tobacco leaves with higher levels of nicotine, nicotine addition to tobacco and resuspended plate the use of certain additives that alter the pH of tobacco smoke, is the main way to maintain nicotine to the smoker who buy cheap cigarettes.

Cigarette manufacturers convince the public that cigarette - it's just grown in the ground leaf of tobacco wrapped in paper. However, this is not true. In fact, every step of the cultivation of tobacco and blending of tobacco leaves to the design and manufacture of cigarettes, aimed at achieving the main goal of cigarette manufacturers - close monitoring of the dose of nicotine received by either Camel cigarettes of Winston cigarettes smokers.

Reduction of tar was, among other things, achieved through the use of freeze-dried and resuspended tobacco to change the composition of the tobacco mixture. Resuspended tobacco (PT) - a paper-plate, approaching the thickness of a tobacco leaf. It is made from tobacco crumbs, leaf veins and stems. Resuspended tobacco was first used after World War II as a binder for cigars. Since RT is produced artificially, there can easily be added during the processing of various additives, binders and wetting agents. It may also be the process of "enriching the nicotine," while containing nicotine is introduced an aqueous extract. The use of tobacco in the resuspended cigarette production allows better use of the tobacco plant and allows you to adjust the composition of cigarettes. In the early 1970s, was tested a new method for treatment of tobacco - freeze drying. This process uses materials such as alcohol, freon, carbon dioxide, ammonia, ammonium carbonate, nitrogen and water. Today's "normal" American cigarettes are 15% of frozen tobacco, "light" - 25%, and "ultra light" are composed of up to 50% of the tobacco.

As well as calories in 1230 grams of sugar is different from the 785 grams of sugar calories and weighing less cigarettes contain less tar and nicotine. Some wonder why light cigarettes usually cost as much as regular cigarettes of the same brand, because they seem to be better and make them more difficult. In fact, given that light cigarettes contain less tobacco and in much of the waste consists of a tobacco leaf, they would have cost less. But this is only the smallest of the deceptions of the tobacco industry for light cigarettes.

In fact, all modifications of tobacco, according to experts, can reduce the tar content in cigarettes by no more than 40%. According to the same messages on cigarette packs tar in them can differ by tens of times.

Published: Friday, February 17, 2012

WARNING: Smoking is dangerous and addictive.

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